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Chequamegon Bay, Wisconsin

If beautiful scenery is what you love, Chequamegon Bay fishing is for you!  As you fish, rising rock reefs, cliffs and rock walls surround you on Lake Superior. The smallmouth bass of the bay love to hang out in the underwater sand dunes and woody eastern shore. Chequamegon Bay has been rated among the top 10 list of the world's best smallmouth bass fishing destinations by In-Fisherman Magazine. The bay produces many other fish including: walleye, yellow perch, lake sturgeon, smelt, herring, whitefish, northern pike, coho salmon, Chinook salmon, lake trout, and rainbow trout. We will focus on bass fishing and seasonal movements of trout. For this trip, we can pick up passengers in Madeline Island, Bayfield, Port Superior, or Redcliff. This trip is specially priced at $450 for half day trips and $850 for full day trips.


Apostle Islands

Lake trout, salmon, brown trout, steelhead trout, and splake will be on our hit list for our trolling trips. Captain Josh targets the largest fish in Lake Superior.  We are equipped with all the hot baits, excellent equipment and local knowledge of the islands and flats.  Whether it be near shore trolling or deep water we have you covered.  We even offer full day trips to allow us to travel deeper into the islands to find the the haunts of the giants that live in Lake Superior. Half day $450 Full Day $850.00


Spring fishing

Spring fishing in the Apostle Islands,Chequamegon Bay, and Lake Superior offers some of the most versatile fishing of the year.  You can be in the bay one day and on the outskirts of the islands the next. We try and stay on the schools of big fish as they follow the bait fish, get ready to spawn, or are recovering from spawning. From sight fishing small mouth bass in the sloughs to salmon or trout fishing, you don't want to miss a day of fishing in the spring. Half day $450 Full Day $850.00


Fall Fishing

Fall fishing can be the best fishing of the year. This time of year the fish are getting ready for winter and that means they are hungry and trying to put on some weight in anticipation of the inevitable ice up. Lake trout season closes on Wisconsin waters of Lake Superior the last day of September so we will be targeting coho and king salmon, brown trout, steelhead trout and splake. These fish are some of the hardest fighting fish that the lake has to offer. These trophies have no problem ripping drag off the real and performing aerial acrobats that will leave your mouth open in amazement.

Half day $450 Full Day $850.00


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All trips accommodate up to 3 adults and one child.